Commercial For Emirates' Boeing 777 First Class Suites


These are several promo shots and a commercial advertising Emirates’ new Boeing 777 first class suites (each plane will contain six total). Each includes a fully enclosed 40-square foot room with floor to ceiling sliding doors, a wireless remote control (wow!), in-suite binoculars (for staring at the sun while at altitude), a zero gravity seat position that’s supposed “to promote relaxation and a feeling of weightlessness”, virtual windows for the suites in the center of the cabin, a 32-inch HD television, gourmet dining on-demand, touchscreen lighting and temperature control, and cost tens of thousands of dollars per flight. I mean, shouldn’t you just be hiring a private jet at that point? Granted I have no idea how much these things cost because I’ve never flown in anything but a plane’s baggage compartment, but I feel like it would be worth looking into. Besides, if they don’t let you sleep two passengers to a suite so you can join the mile high club in private then it’s a double ripoff. Just for the record though, I already joined the mile high club on the back of a Luck Dragon. “Falkor?” One of his more accommodating cousins.

Keep going for several more shots and the commercial.
Source: Commercial For Emirates' Boeing 777 First Class Suites