Chef Bakes Alien Facehugger For Thanksgiving


This is the unholy Thanksgiving alien facehugger baked by chef and creator of Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon horror-inspired recipes, Hellen Die (great name). The alien is made from a roasted chicken, snow crab legs, with a chicken sausage tail (previously: somebody else’s Cthulhu inspired Thanksgiving monstrosity). She also baked a chestburster exploding out of a turkey (picture at the end). Very creative, Hellen. Also, hard to look at. When asked what she could bring over for my Thanksgiving potluck, I insisted just a nice bottle of wine would be sufficient.

Keep going for a bunch more shots including the chestburster. Recipe to bake your own Thanksgiving facehugger at Hellen’s website ( HERE.
Source: Chef Bakes Alien Facehugger For Thanksgiving